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Lets start with the name.

The name Cloud Factory originated in the halls of Cannon Falls High school back in 2013 (give or take a year). My friends and I made an imaginary band that never really happened under the name "Cloud Factory".

We all graduated a year later and the band never happened, but I didn't forget the name (thanks Colin). Eventually my friends and I went on to start another band. I had a cheap 4 input Tascam interface and a couple of mics, so we began recording demos and jokingly put all of our recordings under the surname "Cloud Factory Records".

Fast forward a few years, and our band had dissolved. However, I kept busy making demos and (eventually) improved my production skills. I joined a band called "niiice." soon after and for the first time had the opportunity to be in a fully functioning and active band.

Being in niiice connected me with droves of extremely talented and passionate musicians. I began tracking my first few serious projects in the beginning of 2019, doing demos for Harper's Jar's debut LP, as well as tracking a  two-song Gully Boys and niiice split tape. After those initial recordings, my all too kind friends spread the word that I could record your DIY band (for very cheap :) ), and from there I've had the incredible opportunity of working with many great bands in the Midwest. 

Here's a few of the projects I've had a hand in over the last year:

-Bugsy, "Teratoma" EP (tracking)

-Vial, "Grow Up" EP, "Or Die" Single (tracking, mixing, mastering) 

-NATL PARK SRVC, "Psychic Friends Fair" EP, "The Future is Now" EP (mixing, mastering, drum tracking)

-Bob Ross Mob Boss "Everything's Chrome in the Future" EP (tracking. mixing, mastering)

-Thank You, I'm Sorry, "Cell Phone" Single (tracking, mixing, mastering) , "I'm Glad We're Friends" Album (tracking, mixing)

-niiice, "Try to Stay Positive" Album (tracking), "Caffeine" Single (tracking), "Sweaty Hamms" Single (tracking, mixing, mastering),

"Internet Friends"  Album (tracking, mixing)

-Internet Dating, "Jove" (mixing and mastering)

-Alien Book Club "And I'm Not Even Having Fun Anymore"  EP (mixing and mastering)


Sage and Colin in the early days :')


Moving to the garage!

Hey y'all! I've had a great time the pas

Working on the first Vial EP!

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